About the author-John Kyalo Mbindyo(Bsc Computer Science),Nairobi-Kenya

Hey,I am John Kyalo,author and founder of Devsought.I am a passionate software engineer with experience in solving programming problems having worked in various projects ranging from e-payment solutions,loyalty systems,e-commerce,banking integrations,project management for over 7 years.

I write software in Java,SpringBoot,Python,JavaScript.I am also proficient in AWS,Azure ,Digital Ocean among other cloud technologies.

My aim is to write informative,well researched articles to help other software engineers understand core concepts and help them solve various scenarios and challenges.This is a journey that is demanding as I have to research,re affirm before putting together my articles and back them up with concrete yet simple to understand examples,but all that is thrilling because it is my passion.

I also hold professional certifications in tech which include:

I am currently working as a Senior Application Developer at NCBA Bank Group,Nairobi - Kenya,specializing in API development,micro services,unit testing,Core Banking integrations and mentoring junior developers across various teams in the bank.

We can connect on LinkedIn and/or Follow me on Github.